• Face cord measures 4’H x 8’L x one row of wood when stacked
  • Seasoned Birch Hardwood
  • FREE Local Delivery!
  • 18″ to 22″ lengths
  • Dumped in driveway
  • Stacking is available

Our birch firewood has a 1.5 to 2 season drying period to ensure proper aging and optimal burning quality. The birch firewood for residential use contains 100% birch wood. If you have a special request, such as a different length of firewood, please call us at 705-445-1497 and we will be happy to assist you.

Birch is an excellent firewood, however it burns quickly, so it is best when mixed with other slower kiln dried firewood such as Elm and Oak. Birch burns at a medium to high heat and doesn’t release heavy smoke or sparks. This wood smells great, it will also burn unseasoned, but can cause gum deposits in chimneys over time.